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In 2009 while Nate Sargent and Kynan Wynne (neighbors) were sitting around an 11 year old Boy Scout camp fire with their boys, both started to discuss some of each other’s challenges in business. All of a sudden a connection was made as a theme of “Rooftop” situations kept arising in the course of the conversation. Nate had been running MIRO Industries for years and all he dealt with was Rooftops, mainly supporting equipment on the roof, while Kynan was focused on his VIP window cleaning business, washing commercial high rise buildings and dealing with rooftop safety and fall protection on the job. Instantly a connection was made and conversations started to lead to the rise of a new company, Rooftop Anchor. Each contributing their knowledge, in their specialties, led to the launch of Rooftop Anchor in the height of the Great Recession of 2009.

They were amazed at how inconsistent or non-existent fall protection was mainly in the US. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Labor lists falls as one of the leading causes of traumatic occupational death, accounting for 8 percent of all occupational fatalities from trauma. Any time a worker or contractor is at a height of four feet or more, they are at risk and need to be protected. Well, if Nate and Kynan had anything to say about it, Rooftop Anchor was going to become the solution for your Fall Protection and Fall Arrest needs.

Interestingly enough, while doing their research they found that Utah is actually No. 2 in the nation for unsafe fall protection practices ... Because many of the commercial window cleaners are rock climbers on the side and are not afraid of heights. Well, not being afraid of heights is one thing, but being properly protected while doing the job is another.

Federal OSHA and ANSI have recognized the risk people have while working at height and require a person to be protected from a fall of 4 feet or greater. Rooftop Anchors systems are engineered and designed to meet or exceed this requirement. Rooftop Anchor can provide solutions and designs for suspended access, as well fall arrest. Let Rooftop Anchor help you decide which solution will work best for you. However, up on the rooftop is not the only application you will find Rooftop Anchor’s Products. You can find them in Mines, Military bases, Industrial applications and facilities, transportation hubs, aircraft hangers, and more. Anywhere there is a risk of a fall, Rooftop Anchor has a solution to keep people safe and in compliance with regulations and standards.

From its beginning in 2009 to today, Rooftop Anchor continues to provide the best solutions in the industry to keep people protected from falls. Rooftop Anchor is a turnkey operation. It designs, engineers, installs, and inspects your fall protection or fall arrest equipment. Rooftop Anchor has not only had success designing and providing solutions in the US, but has also reached the international customer base as well. Rooftop Anchor continues to see success in providing its engineered and designed systems to a large customer base, and has often been called upon to fix or remedy other solutions that have either failed, do not work according to design, or do not provide proper protection. If there is a need to be protected from a fall, give Rooftop Anchor a call.

They currently operate out of a 33,000 square foot facility in Heber City, Utah where manufacturing, administration and engineering services are rendered. Call today for your free design service and Rooftop Anchor can help you protect what they feel matters most—people. For more information please visit

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