In 1982, Mike Neider, a successful attorney, found himself in a difficult situation ... His client didn't have enough money to pay his bill... So, the client offered something remarkable instead — a patent and a mold....

Mike took the product and did some research and found that there was a need for the product in the marketplace. He saw potential and formed a company. What is now known as MIRO Industries (MIRO) started as a family business Mike's children helped operate, including his daughter, Nicole. Nicole went to college and soon got married. Her husband, Nate Sargent, also got involved with the business. The two were running the company out of their dorm in college. They were both motivated to make money so they could go to school. With some time, dedication, a business and marketing plan, and a can do attitude things really started to take off. Both worked together, Nate handled the marketing and sales while Nicole did the books.

Today, MIRO Industries has developed 15 patents and a couple trademarks, and rather than a college dorm room, MIRO now runs out of a 33,000 square foot facility in Heber City, Utah. They specialize in pre-manufactured rooftop supports for pipe, conduit, duct, mechanical supports, bridge crossovers, walkways, solar supports, service platforms and ramps. No matter where you live MIRO can support your rooftop applications to protect your valuable assets below. MIRO is your one stop solution for rooftop pipe support and maintenance access needs.

Live in a wind or seismic area—no problem they have a solution for you. Their engineering staff is aware of building codes and standards across the country so they can keep you compliant and protect your roof for many years to come. Let them take the worry out of designing the right system or putting the proper load on your roof.

Have a unique situation for a rooftop support or roof maintenance access—no problem. Their custom department and engineering staff can work with you to find the right solution for your situation.

Not sure what you need—no problem. They can send out their certified technicians to assess your needs and provide you with a solution that will last for years to come and protect your roof membrane. MIRO not only gives you a solution, but can install that solution as well, so you do not have to worry. They have got you supported. All of their professionally designed solutions carry a 25 year warranty. One more reason you don’t have to worry.

MIRO has successfully been supporting your rooftop support and roof maintenance access needs for over 32 years. They have been accepted throughout the mechanical, roofing, and electrical industry as the preferred rooftop support system over wood blocking or penetrating the roof membrane in order to support pipe.

Miro Industries

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