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Wasatch Acquisitions & Capital (WAC) oversees the development of our real estate portfolio including land acquisition, development and funding, as well as any other operations that may be required to move the development process forward.  WAC is responsible for the acquisition and dispositions of the Wasatch Group assets and provides their in-house legal, marketing, operations and accounting services.  In addition, we partner with cities, lenders and investors to drive increased value and further the vision of Wasatch.


Wasatch Acquisition's & Capital Team

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Management Team

President of Acquisitions/Dispositions and Development

Jarom Johnson

Jarom Johnson is the President of Acquisition/Disposition & Development for Wasatch Acquisitions & Capital and oversees the day-to-day operations relating to acquisition, development and sale of real estate for the company. Jarom oversees deal-sourcing and is focused on optimizing the company’s investment strategies by identifying acquisitions and developments in multifamily, affordable housing, retail and mixed-use properties.

Mr. Johnson held management positions in a Fortune 500 Customer Service Representative Company before joining Wasatch in May 2007. He served as Controller and Acquisitions and Dispositions Director for Wasatch from August 2008 to March 2016, managing financing accounting, and market rate acquisition and disposition executions and strategies. From March 2016 to June 2021 he accepted Wasatch’s Chief Operating Officer position. Jarom took on his current role with the Wasatch Group as President of Wasatch Acquisition & Disposition in June 2021. In the last ten years, he has assisted the organization in the acquisition, disposition, and exchange of $1.2 billion of commercial residential real estate transactions.

Mr. Johnson holds a BS in Accounting from Western Governors University, and an MBA with an emphasis in Real Estate Studies from Marylhurst University. He is a Certified Property Manager® (CPM) and Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM). Jarom is also a sitting board member in several venture companies.


Dylan Olsen

Dylan Olsen is the Vice President of Corporate Finance for Wasatch Acquisitions and Capital, Inc. since February 2011. He manages over $1.6 billion in market rate financing for Wasatch’s properties portfolio. His responsibilities include origination of new loans, oversight of lender relations and loan compliance, and management of the Wasatch debt portfolio.

Since joining Wasatch as an analyst, in April 2007, Mr. Olsen has directly originated over $2 billion in new loans, including construction, land, mini-perm, perm, bridge, and mezzanine loans. He has also worked closely with a variety of lending institutions, including the Federal National Mortgage Association, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, and many commercial banks, life companies, and CMBS originators.

Mr. Olsen received a BS in Finance and a BS in Economics from Utah State University in 2007.

Compliance Specialists

Nate Edwards


Karol Marroquin

Tax Director

Frank Coppin

Joel Larsen

General Counsel

Robert Funk

Legal Counsel

Tracey Mihelic

Legal Counsel

Tyler Raymond

Development Manager

Devin Brown

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