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Who We Are

Our reach and impact fosters growth in the industries and communities in which we operate.

Our Mission: Enrich Communities and People

At Wasatch, we take a value-driven approach to business while never losing sight of what matters most: the people. Our commitment to innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Here, we get the kind of results that revolutionize industries. It’s what makes us the leader in so many different markets today.

For over 33 years, we have built more than businesses, we have created growth and opportunities in the communities in which we work and serve. In fact, our community and philanthropic initiatives are ingrained in our business model.  An important part of the Wasatch mission is to help communities thrive.  Through a creative collaboration with nearby communities, we provide stewardship and foster growth for not just our entities but the surrounding areas as well.

Today, our portfolio spans Real Estate Development, Commercial and Retail Development and Management, Multi-Family Development and Management, Technology, Venture Capital, and Consumer Products.



Companies and Businesses



Our value system centers around purpose and care. It’s the basis on which that we operate our businesses and develop our people. Here, we seek to build the very best in all that we do – from our developments to our investments to our team members.


Our teams are driven by a commitment to the values that serve the broader community. Honesty, integrity and care are behind everything we do.


We believe ownership and responsibility are the core of true accountability. In fact, a sense of ownership brings the most beneficial results to a project. Here, accountability is second-nature.


We wouldn’t be here without it. Collaboration is the key to our success. Working together with everyone from multifamily homes and commercial developments resident to business owners and community leaders, we get the kind of results that everyone can be proud of – and will stand the test of time.


Innovation is driven by creativity and forward thinking. Our teams aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and create new ways of doing things. In fact, you can’t revolutionize as many industries as we have without it. All the results of this creativity are what make us Wasatch.

Responsible Stewardship

The communities in which we live and serve should be cared for in a way that limits our footprint and provides benefit to those both in and out of our organization. Our philanthropic initiatives change lives, help communities thrive and make a difference.

Service Minded Action

Mindful action is simply giving customers, partners and people the very best experiences possible. It’s the key to what makes Wasatch…Wasatch.

Dell Loy Hansen

As the founder of Wasatch, Dell Loy Hansen has been focused on providing the very best experience for his customers, communities and employees. His dedication to success and sustainability has produced a portfolio of companies and traditions of excellence that continue to thrive under his leadership.   


Our commitment to community and impact

When we focus our businesses to deliver for our customers, protect our environment, and invest in our employees, we achieve sustained value that lasts generations.   


Join a family of innovators

Becoming part of Wasatch, means you become a part of our family.  Here, we work to build solutions for the future, enrich lives and help communities thrive.