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Impact and Community

Our commitment to raising the vision and making an impact in the communities we serve is what makes us Wasatch.

For more than 33 years, Wasatch has been working to enrich our communities

At Wasatch, we make sure that we are an integral part of each community we serve. That means we provide career opportunities, housing, tax revenues and help for those in need. That’s not all. We make a quality-of-life commitment to the employees that live in those communities – one that includes the support and leadership resources necessary to achieve career growth and long-term stability.

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We are committed to the environment

Today, our dedication to being good land stewards and conservationists is more important than ever. At Wasatch, we opt for the business practices that leave less environmental impact and protect our future. In addition, we encourage employees to give back to local organizations and volunteer.

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Become Part of Our Community

Our people are dedicated and passionate innovators who create solutions to drive results. Those results are directly linked to our philanthropic initiatives. You make an impact on the entire community when you join Wasatch.